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Cosmetics FAQ

How long will my porcelain veneers last?
They will not wear out and materials can last a lifetime. They are however, subject to breakage, just like your real teeth.

Will this process ruin my natural teeth?
Every effort is made to avoid detriment to your teeth. By using microscopes and specially designed dental instruments, we can ensure that minimal damage is done. In fact, teeth that have been filled or are particularly worn over time may actually be strengthened by this process.

Does it hurt?
Most procedures are totally painless and are done with no anesthetic. Occasionally, as in the case of veneers, we offer a local anesthetic that is common to standard dental fillings. For very complicated cases, we have the full range of pain-relieving solutions available, including general anesthetic, if necessary.

How much do you charge for crowns and veneers?
What kind of crown or veneer or you interested in? PFM (porcelain fused metal), precious or non precious, layered or stained, all ceramic, Procera, Empress, Eris, Lava, Inceram, pressed or feldspathic, translucent or opacious ingots?

As you can see, crowns and veneers are as varied as the cars we drive. Our office can provide you with information about the choices available to you and the cost of each option.

How many appointments should I expect?
Two clinical appointments are all that are needed for most cosmetic work.

How can I avoid the “Chicklet look”?
A high degree of design and artistry is the key to aesthetic work. Our goal is to ensure that each tooth creates a look that is both complimentary to your appearance and naturally undetectable.