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Case Studies


Case Study #1

Mrs. P., a pleasant distinguished mature woman presented in our office with previously restored dentition that has served her well for many years but needed to be aesthetically renewed.

Mrs. P.’s dentition had been restored at different stages of her life and subsequently the shading and shape of her dentition differed. Mrs. P’s desire was to have symmetrical and consistent shading of her teeth.

Dr. Moore was successful in restoring Mrs. P’s dentition with porcelain veneers, bridges and crowns and five surface composite resin restorations.

Mrs. P has been featured on our info commercial series on CHEX TV.

case study 2

Case Study #2

Patient:                32 year old Female

Treatment:         24 Resin Direct Bond Restorations

Freezing:             Wand Computerized Anaesthesia

Time:                     4 x 2 hour appointments

Cost:                      Under $5000.00

case study 3

Case Study #3

52 year old male.  10  Chairside resins done in one 3 hour sitting.

Wand Computerized Anaesthesia:   Zero discomfort.

Movie enjoyed by patient during treatment:  Casino Royale

Recovery time:  8 hours

Cost:  $2,257.67

case study 4

Case Study #4

59 Year old Male

10 Resin Veneers

Wand Computerized Anaesthesia:  No Discomfort

Two appointments:
Appointment 1 – 3 hours
Appointment 2 – 2 hours

Recovery time:  Instant

Cost: $2567.98

Peterborough dental treatment case study

Case Study #5

Patient:                61 year old woman

Prodedure:         24 resin direct bond restorations, a partial lower denture

Freezing:             Wand computerized Anaesthesia

Time:                     3 x 3 hour appointments plus 4 fifteen minute appointments

Cost:                      Approximately $10,000.00

case study 6

Case Study #6

Patient:                28 year old Male

History:                Trauma to front tooth

Treatment:         8 Direct Bond Resins

Freezing:             Wand Computerized Anaesthesia

Time:                     One 4 hour appointment

Cost:                      $2458.00

case study

Case Study #7

Patient:                65 year old Male

Treatment:         14 direct resin bonded veneers

Time:                     2 x 4 hour appointments

Recovery:            8 hours

Cost:                      Under $4000.00